Water Management

Protecting your brand, your equipment and our environment.

AFCO's Water Management Specialists are proven partners and solutions providers. Our Certified Water Technologists work at the plant level to maximize production capabilities, optimize operational costs and protect equipment and product quality while minimizing environmental liabilities.

AFCO's Water Management Solutions Include:

In-depth analysis, evaluations and treatment plan development based on unique market needs and industry requirements.

Comprehensive service packages and programs to control scale, corrosion and biological problems while enhancing the economy of operations at your facility.

Boiler, cooling, wastewater, industrial effluent and process water programs to reduce costs and environmental risks.

Application specific products and services including registered biocides and specialized formulations.

Total water treatment system design and fabrication — both automated and computerized.

Ongoing analysis, performance review, measurement and reporting including regular monthly service visits, written service reports, personnel training, in-house laboratory support services, and chemistries conforming to FDA, USDA, and EPA standards and system plant requirements.

Contact AFCO's Water Management Specialists at water@afcocare.com or by calling 1-800-345-1329 for a comprehensive, no obligation audit of your Water Treatment Program.